Design Studio Christchurch, New Zealand 2020

PM 02 Entwurfsprojekt 2
Entwurfsprojekt für den Cathedral Square in Christchurch, Neuseeland

This design project will take us to Christchurch in New Zealand in a virtual manner. One of the larger cities of the country, Christchurch was struck by severe earthquakes, the first ones in September 2010 and the slightly lighter ones but with more devastating results, on 22 February, 2011. Since then, nine years have passed.
The city is on the road to recovery. Many mistakes have been made, including the demolition of buildings that might have been saved; but some good decisions have also been made.
A central spot in Christchurch has always been the Cathedral. The church (1861–1881), designed as a timber building by Sir Gilbert Scott in England and realised by Benjamin Mountfort as a stone building, has been severely damaged in the 2011 earthquakes. Nevertheless, it has finally been decided to restore the Cathedral.
Our project task will be to get an idea of what the city is and was, what it might need and, in particular, what the vast space around the Cathedral might be in the future. The ideas is that at the end of the semester, you will have designed one specific building for the Cathedral Square which could add to the overall architectural and social restoration of the city.
A (MA), International Students
Prof. Dr. Marcus Hackel (A)
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schnoor (A)
10 SWS
18 CR
Bachelor degree in architecture
E **
Urban and program analysis, conceptual design, detailed design
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